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Hawaiian pidgin bible download

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Hawaiian pidgin bible

Peopo dat talk da Hawai`i kine local Pidgin can use dis Web place fo find out mo plenny bout da Bible. Get odda peopo too dat talk English kine, but dey can. From Da Pidgin Bible. Da Boss Above, he take care me, Jalike da sheep farma take care his sheeps. He goin give me everyting I need. He let me lie down wea. Version Information. Native speakers of Hawai'i Pidgin numbered around , in , , to , with low proficiency in standard English.

7 Sep - 1 min - Uploaded by kanakahukeiki Da Lords Prayer (Mathew ) from the Da Jesus Book Aloha This the prayer dat. 1Da time everyting had start, had one Guy. “Godʼs Talk,” dass who him. Dat Guy an God, dey stay togedda, an da Guy stay God fo real kine. 2Dass da Guy. Hawaii Pidgin (HWCNT) - Hundreds of versions in + different languages - the Bible that goes with you anywhere. Download now or read online.

At the current time, there is one translation of the Bible's New Testament into Hawaiian Pidgin. An Old Testament translation is in progress. Da Jesus Book: Hawaii Pidgin New Testament [Pidgin Bible Translation Group] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This translation of the. The Hawaii Pidgin New Testament, known as Da Jesus Book, was dedicated in Hawaii in June By October , it was in its fourth. Hawaiian Pidgin is a common means of communication among native Hawaiian Islanders, especially more common in the more remote island.