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RehaCom is comprehensive software for the improvement and restoration of cognitive function, including attention and memory, following brain injury. Available. Evidence for RehaCom. As a trusted tool, RehaCom has a large, increasing, clinical evidence base for use with ABI, TBI, Stroke, Alzheimer, Dementia, ADHD, . RehaCom - Cognitive Therapy - is a modular system to treat cognitive deficits like attention, memory, executive functions and visual field. It can be used by.

RehaCom is cognitive rehabilitation software used in the recovery of cognitive abilities such as attention, memory and executive function post TBI/Stroke, as part . RehaCom is a computerized cognitive therapy tool that can help with stroke recovery and tbi treatment, and degenerative diseases. RehaCom is a computerized cognitive therapy tool developed by experts and therapists that focuses on the rehabilitation of patients with cognitive impairment.

HASOMED offers solutions for cognitive therapy, functional electrical stimulation, gait analysis, gait therapy. RehaCom software takes advantage of neuroplasticity. RehaCom enables the therapist to utilise evidence-based cognitive rehabilitation by making efficient and . MEDICC Rev. Oct;14(4) Clinical impact of RehaCom software for cognitive rehabilitation of patients with acquired brain injury. Fernández E(1). The efficacy of cognitive rehabilitation with RehaCom programme in schizophrenia patients. The role of selected genetic polymorphisms in successful cognitive.