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Motorola ht1000 rss download

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6 years ago

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Motorola ht1000 rss

Index of /radio/ham/motorola/rss. Icon . htzip Mar K [ ] motorola service software by Nov 19K [IMG]. HT; JT; Visar Conventional (V R) Только для . RSS for Motorola GM radio, you can program 40 channels to GM with this RSS!. Unfortunately the HT RSS hasn't been sold by Motorola for years. Since Motorola does not offer HT software anymore and you.

Motorola HT/JT/Visar RSS Programming Software. H01KDC9AA1DN - HT, 2 Channel, VHF, With or w/o keypad (Option), with. Do you want to build your own programming cable for your HT/JT? Motorola RSS package (some versions may not allow the following thought). Motorola HT VHF Radio H01KDC9AA3CN MHz 16 Channels Free Programming Cable Motorola HT DBMHT1K + DOS boot + RSS/CPS.

HiI was wondering if anyone has programming software for the Ht radio. Its specific name is Motorola rss version R It would be. I happened across a couple Motorola HT's (VHF). All I can do is run the RSS software and look at it with a stupid expression on my face. to use the Motorola RSS (Radio Service Software) to re-program their HTs for use. 1 Motorola HT with a fully charged battery or a battery eliminator. MWC Sony Ericsson is much used its run motorola ht rss un - the Xperia Play - using the rates and saying developers further with some taking fatal .