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Bigfix prefetch download

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6 years ago

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Bigfix prefetch

prefetch. This command allows a file to be downloaded before the action begins. You do not need a matching continue if statement for the file to be downloaded. This command adds a download item to the prefetch queue. This command must reside between a begin prefetch block and an end prefetch block command. The prefetch command allows a file to be downloaded before the action begins. This restriction, however, allows the IBM BigFix to prefetch downloads through .

Normally, when you download a file using IBM BigFix actions, the checksum is dynamic download commands, which are bracketed by begin prefetch block. A prefetch allows the BigFix client to check it's own caches before downloading a file it may already have, which speeds things up. It also allows. A tool to generate prefetch statements for downloads in BigFix ActionScript. - bigfix/make-prefetch.

"prefetch " & (name of it) & " sha1:" & (sha1 of it as string) & " size:" & (size of it as string) & " http://URL/" & (name of it) & " sha" & (sha of. ("begin prefetch block%0d%0a" & it & "%0d%0aend prefetch block") of concatenations "%0d%0a" of ("%09add prefetch item name=". Does any have the correct URL for BigFix to downlaod patches using prefetch? This is the prefetch and URL that BigFix is using - it failes - see error below. Because BigFix goes to the source (i.e. Microsoft, Red Hat, etc.) This way the Fixlet would find it there during the action's prefetch stage and it.