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I386 biosinfo inf download

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6 years ago

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I386 biosinfo inf

I'm trying to install WinXP on an empty harddrive, when I start the installation process I get: File \i\ could not be loaded. The error code is I pressed F2 while booting and then 'press any key to boot from CD'. I'm quite sure I've done this correctly as I've done a Windows XP reinstall on another computer before with no problems. File \i\ could not be loaded. when you get the recovery console up, type in "copy c:\WINDOWS\ ServicePackFiles\i\ c:\WINDOWS\inf" without the qoutes. there.

我用WinSetupbeta6制作了一个USB的windows xp安装盘。 我安装windows xp时,出现以下信息:. File\i\ could not be loaded. File \i\ could not be loaded, the error code is This also came up when I tried it on another computer. I have searched on. I am trying to install XP Pro using the XP boot disks (my XP Pro CD is not bootable) and on the first disk I'm getting the mssg: file \ could no.

I'm trying to help a friend with a computer problem. When the computer is powered on, it eventually results in a black screen with the cursor. "\i\ could not be loaded. The error code is " Any ideas? I can' t check the RAM or HD because nothing loads. I can't reinstall. message "file \i\ cannot be found. The error code is " I searched the knowledge base for this error code with not luck. (but I do not ever get the "push any button to boot from disc" message that I'm use to), anyway, screen immediately shows "File\i\